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22-10-2020 12:08

Bitumen Matters No. 2 2020


High-speed quality surface

The most modern racing circuit in the Nordic region is now ready to host both Formula 1 and MotoGP events. We have paid a visit to the Finnish championship circuit KymiRing.

Some other highlights in this issue of Bitumen Matters:

The key to good corporate culture
Coronavirus has had a profound effect on company culture. Employees and business leaders alike are struggling with remote working, fears about job security and concerns about a world post-virus. How can good corporate culture be maintained and even enhanced during these difficult times?

Keep it cool through ups and downs
A spectacular asphalting job was recently undertaken in an area of the Norwegian mountains that is difficult to access. Jon Borge Finset, Head of Technical Support at Nynas Bitumen Norway, talks about this exciting project in his own words.

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Nynas in top 1% for sustainability

Nynas has received the coveted EcoVadis Platinum CSR rating, this puts the company in the top 1% for sustainability performance.

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Nynas invests for reliable production and reduced GHG emissions

Nynas is investing SEK 190 million to secure the supply of bitumen for the Nordic infrastructure. At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 34%.

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The road to new mobility

An international benchmark study highlights the road industry’s role in the transformation of road infrastructure and the development of new mobility.

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