Prosjektbeskrivelser nedenfor gir deg spesifikk informasjon om hvor og hvordan produktene brukes.

Harbour in Southampton, UK

Extremely tough demands are made of asphalt that is used in ports, especially where containers are being loaded and unloaded. In Southampton they opted for a specially designed polymer-modified binder that had been proven to be able to withstand years of tough strains without any rutting or other degradation.

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Port of Hamburg, Germany

When the Port of Hamburg needed to lay a new asphalt surface, they opted for a specially developed,highly modified binder. This enabled them to guarantee a long-term solution that offers good durability with an optimal balance between rigidity and flexibility.

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Industrial site within the port of Antwerp, Belgium

A new tank terminal to store petroleum products was to be built on former storage land in the Port of Antwerp, where the ground was contaminated with coal and mineral residue.

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Stopp & Belägg


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