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Register and join Nynas' industry experts for a series of webinars and flash updates on key industry trends, new products, technical discussions and much more. Please register with your company email.


Tyre and Rubber industry


Sustainability and performance of tyres: can they go together? (On demand) 

Join Nynas Rubber & Tyre experts to learn how our latest developments can help you reach your sustainability goals without compromises on performance. For a long time Nynas' world leading brand NYTEX® has been synonymous for high performance in tyre oils. Now, our new NYTEX® BIO 6200 adds the sustainability dimension with renewable feedstocks. Register in English or Chinese .


Chemical industry


Naphthenic oils: the essential knowledge.  (On demand) 

Join our industry experts to follow a brief course which will give you an basic introduction to Nynas product line. You will learn about crude and oil chemistry, base oil properties and analytical methods used to characterize them, as well as Nynas naphthenic oils unique values (no previous chemical experience required). Register here.


Electrical industry


IEC 60296 Ed 5 (2020) Flash Update: all you need to know. (On demand) 

The new international standard governing the handling of unused and recycled mineral insulating oils will soon be published. Find out what it means for you and your operations in this short session which will give you the essential update you need. Presenters are Carl Wolmarans, Nynas Technical Advisor and Bruce Pahlavanpour, Nynas Senior Technical Advisor. Register in English or in Chinese.


Improving transformer performance with NYTRO® BIO 300X new insulating liquid. (On demand)

Join Carl Wolmarans, Nynas Technical Advisor, for a brief introduction to NYTRO® BIO 300X, a novel biodegradable and sustainable insulating liquid. In this session, you will also learn about the benefits that NYTRO 300X can provide to the performance of power transformers. (Hosted in Academy of Transformer Magazine 05/20) Register here.

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Rena Soh has been nominated for the ICIS Rising Star - Asia Pacific Award, which celebrates the best up and coming talent in the base oils and lubricants industry.

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Carolina manages PQ&TS, which is dedicated to monitoring and maintaining Nynas’ product quality throughout the production and handling chain to customers. Find out what's on her mind.

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Godkänd förlängning av Nynas rekonstruktion

Södertörns tingsrätt godkände idag en förlängning av Nynas AB:s företagsrekonstruktion med ytterligare tre månader fram till 15 december, 2020.

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