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Register and join Nynas' industry experts for a series of webinars and flash updates on key industry trends, new products, technical discussions and much more. Please register with your company email.


Electrical industry


Improving transformer performance with NYTRO® BIO 300X new insulating liquid. (On demand)

Join Carl Wolmarans, Nynas Technical Advisor, for a brief introduction to NYTRO® BIO 300X, a novel biodegradable and sustainable insulating liquid. In this session, you will also learn about the benefits that NYTRO 300X can provide to the performance of power transformers. (Hosted in Academy of Transformer Magazine 05/20) Register here.


Base oil industry


Metalworking Fluid Based on Naphthenic Oils: Straight Cut or Blend? (On demand) 

Join Prof. Thomas Norrby to find out how the properties of Soluble and Semi-Synthetic MWF emulsions are influenced by the properties of the Naphthenic base oils employed. You will learn how different base oils can yield emulsions with very similar properties under a wide variety of chemistries and conditions. [As is published at STLE 2021]. Register here.


Tyre and Rubber industry


Sustainability and performance of tyres: can they go together? (On demand) 

Join Nynas Rubber & Tyre experts to learn how our latest developments can help you reach your sustainability goals without compromises on performance. For a long time Nynas' world leading brand NYTEX® has been synonymous for high performance in tyre oils. Now, our new NYTEX® BIO 6200 adds the sustainability dimension with renewable feedstocks. Register here.




Lower carbon footprint with biogenic materials

Join Nynas bitumen specialists to learn more about Nynas upcoming range of binders incorporating biogenic materials. On 16 September 2021 you will find out why using the biogenic material to produce PMB is the most responsible choice. Register here.


Chemical industry


The benefits of Nynas NYFLEX® naphthenic hydrocarbon extenders for silicone sealants (On demand) 
Join our experts to discover the benefit of Nynas NYFLEX® naphthenic hydrocarbons as extender options for you silicone sealant formulations. You will hear how we can help you to reduce shrinkage, guarantee a stable and transparent colour and a good protection against bacterial proliferation.
Please register here for English with your business email only.


Nynas process oil properties in chemical applications. (On demand) 

NYTEX® and NYFLEX® mineral oils are used in many applications and chemical processes, to act as a plasticizing agent, a vehicle for active ingredients or as part of the active formulation itself. The webinar talks about how processability and functionality of the finished product can be optimized by using these different Nynas oils. Please register in English or in Spanish with your business email only.


Naphthenic oils: the essential knowledge.  (On demand) 

Join our industry experts to follow a brief course which will give you an basic introduction to Nynas product line. You will learn about crude and oil chemistry, base oil properties and analytical methods used to characterize them, as well as Nynas naphthenic oils unique values. Please register here with your business email only.

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