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Bitumen för Vägbeläggning

2017-04-12 11:52

Understanding performance differences

Knowledge on bitumen chemistry and structures is of fundamental importance to understand performance differences of asphalt materials.

Recently, Nynas bitumen research team has published an article entitled “Structural and Chemical Analysis of Bitumen Using Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS)” in Fuel, a leading journal for publishing primary research work in this field.

It has been shown that the structures formed on the bitumen surface are closely related to the wax content and that these structures, as well as the surface in general, are enriched in wax-related compounds. For the wax-free bitumen, the surface is characterized by a homogeneous distribution without chemical variations or phase structures and by a stronger signal intensity from aromatic compounds. When adding wax to the wax-free bitumen, extensive wax segregation occurs, but differently from the natural waxy bitumen, no bee structures are observed. Furthermore, fracture surfaces of all the wax-containing samples reveal circular structures, which are distinctly different from those observed on the original surfaces. The obtained chemical knowledge on bitumen surfaces and phase structures is of fundamental importance to understand performance differences of this type of materials.

This research work was carried out in collaboration with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Read full paper via the web-link:

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Godkänd förlängning av Nynas rekonstruktion

Södertörns tingsrätt godkände idag en förlängning av Nynas AB:s företagsrekonstruktion med ytterligare tre månader fram till 15 december, 2020.

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Ägarförändring i Nynas

Neste meddelade idag att man sålt hela sitt aktieinnehav i Nynas till Bitumina, ett globalt bitumenföretag som är verksamt i mer än 100 länder. Detta är ett viktigt steg i Nynas pågående företagsrekonstruktion.

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Significant addition to Nynas rubber lab

Tommie Ibert, Development Engineer, tests the new advanced video extensometer that has been installed at the Nynas Rubber Compounding Lab in Nynäshamn.

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