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Ukrainian transformer manufacturer ZTR boasts clients from all over the world; some of which are at altitudes of up to two kilometres.

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Ukrainian transformer manufacturer ZTR boasts clients from all over the world; some of which are at altitudes of up to two kilometres.

Nestled by the Dnieper River in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, sits the production facility of transformer and electric reactor manufacturer ZTR. The plant is one of the largest of its kind in the world, producing a broad range of transformers, the most powerful reaching 1,250 MVA and 1,150 kV.

“We do not deliver standard transformers,” says ZTR Chief of Marketing and Analytical Department Alan Kolesnik. “All the transformers we sell are designed to work according to our clients’ specifications.”

ZTR conducts business in many different parts of the world, having established sales in 86 countries so far. The most recent addition is Kenya and its state energy company KenGen. This contract includes delivery of four transformers to the Olkaria-I and Olkaria-IV geothermal power plants in the Rift Valley north-west of Nairobi.

In a geothermal power plant, steam is transferred via kilometre-long pipes up to turbines that generate electricity. The Kenyan plants face a number of logistical challenges: they are located at an altitude of 2,000 metres in a national park; they must secure a high level of stability because of the volcanic activity in the area; and it is essential that they minimise the emission of sulfur brought up with the underground steam.

On the other side of the planet another project is currently underway. In this case, ZTR has been asked to deliver transformers to three transformer substations in a mountainous region in Svaneti, Georgia, that is difficult to access. These transformers sit 2,000 metres high, too.

Working in such extreme conditions is a demanding but common experience for ZTR. During its 66 years in business, the company has gathered expertise from work in remote areas and highly varying climates.

ZTR chose Nynas transformer oil in both the Kenyan and the Georgian projects. This was due to the specific requirements of their clients and the tough demands for consistent, high quality and reliable deliveries. The solid partnership established between the two companies over the past 15 years also played an important part in the two projects.

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