Lue, miten ja missä tuotteittamme on käytetty.

  • Nypol RE, reduced climate impact, UK

    In a new product line, Nypol RE, the combination of Nynas in-depth bitumen knowledge, experience with polymer modification and the addition of a renewable material containing biogenic carbon provides an innovative tool for the road construction industry to reduce its climate impact.

  • Porsgrunn, Port, Norway

    The global Norwegian industrial group Yara International is the first in the world to use a totally electric container ship in commercial operation. To make the transition from land to sea transport, a new quay facility is being built.

  • Slussen brigde, Sweden

    The pavement system for a new bridge includes both asphalt and waterproofing. This makes major demands of quality awareness and the ability to coordinate different technologies.

  • High-speed quality surface, Finland

    The most modern racing circuit in the Nordic region is now ready to host both Formula 1 and MotoGP events. We have paid a visit to the Finnish championship circuit KymiRing.

  • Motorway, E18, Norway

    After two intensive years, the construction company NCC has finished asphalting the 23 km stretch of the E18 between Arendal and Tvedestrand in southern Norway.

  • Airport, PMB takes off, Sweden

    Skanska has been renovating large parts of the runway at Göteborg Landvetter Airport. Bitumen Matters was there to experience an intensive night of work as renovations progressed.

  • Tunnel, Ryfylke, Norway

    2013 saw the start of a major construction project – the Ryfylke tunnel, which opened to traffic just in time for the start of the new decade. This is the longest and deepest underground road tunnel in the world – 292 m below sea level – and it forms part of what is known as the Ryfast project.

  • Motorway. E18, Arendal-Tvedestrand, Norway

    From this spring until October 2019, NCC will be laying no less than 300 000 tonnes of asphalt on a new section of motorway along the south-eastern coast of Norway.

  • Tunnel, Tingstad, Sweden

    The Tingstad Tunnel under the Göta älv river consists of two sections, each with three lanes, connecting Hisingen with mainland Gothenburg. The traffic is heavy, with up to 3,500 vehicles an hour in each direction.