About us

As we transition to a more eco-sensitive way of life, the oil we refine – and the specialist knowledge used to refine it – will play a vital role. In securing power distribution. Revitalising roads. Providing better shelter. Preventing leakage and corrosion. Removing dangerous particles from tyres. And much more.

But that's only the beginning. Our researchers are discovering that there's still a lot to learn about oil. So in the years to come, you can be sure we will work tirelessly to unlock its full potential.

That's what we mean by Taking oil further.

Our business

In close collaboration with our customers, we develop oils for use in a number of applications that fill important roles in their products and processes. Long-lasting oils that create sustainable value.

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Specialty oils made simple

Ever wondered what crude oil is, where it comes from and how we refine it into specialty products for hundreds applications?

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Nynas history

Grab some popcorn and watch a slideshow that takes you right back to the company's earliest beginnings … in America.

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