Bitumen for paving applications

King's Street, Aberdeen, Scotland

When Leiths (Scotland) Ltd was contracted by Aberdeen City Council to resurface an approach to a busy pedestrian crossing on King’s Street, they chose to use Nytherm PMB 103 in their newly developed alternative to High Friction Surfacing (HFS) called Rigagrip.

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Process oils

Farmers’ secret agents

For the past four decades, French surfactant specialist CECA has served the agricultural industry and now increasingly relies on Naphthenic oils to help protect fertilisers.

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Transformer oils

Global order local delivery

With its global network, Nynas meets the strict requirements that the transformer manufacturer Končar Power Transformers Ltd has for reliable deliveries all over the world.

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Latest updates

  • 26/08/2016 08:00

    In the second quarter, sales volumes for naphthenic specialty oils and bitumen increased with 4 percent compared to last year. Net sales for the second quarter were SEK 3,318 million (4,907) as a consequence of primarily lower oil price levels and a weaker British pound. The majority of our activities focused on the Harburg refinery conversion project.
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  • 30/06/2016 12:20

    Nynas is one of the leading international suppliers of specialty oils for the manufacture of industrial lubricants. So it was pretty much to be expected to be present – both as an exhibitor and as sponsor – at the biggest and most important German lubricants event over the year.
  • 23/06/2016 07:40

    Nynas refinances its USD 50,000,000 private placement bond through a SEK term loan from relationship banks.
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  • 21/06/2016 14:35

    The E&E Congress, which took place recently in Prague, included a technical programme, which consisted of over 250 papers. The Poster Session held during the conference attracted many interested visitors.
  • 15/06/2016 13:45

    In connection with the 71st STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Jinxia Li from Nynas was presented with the prestigious Walter D. Hodson Award.
  • 26/05/2016 13:58

    In the next 25 years, the development of a thriving electricity industry and its economic ripple effects could spur the creation of 2.5 million jobs across the sub-Saharan region. With abundant sunshine, powerful rivers, the East African gas reserves and the windy Rift Valley, there is every opportunity to create a modern and emissions-reducing energy mix.