Looking for a drop-in Group I substitute? The answer is NYBASE

Introduced to replace Group I base oils – which are becoming scarce due to ongoing changes in the refining industry – Nynas NYBASE® “drop-in” base oils are quickly taking their place in the market.

The global race towards the rationalisation of paraffinic Group I refineries is inevitably affecting many formulations within the industrial lube segment. This fundamental change has created a vacuum in the lube and grease market for a similar grade that can be used as a “drop-in” substitute with minimum adjustment.

Nynas has provided a solution to this challenge since 2015, developing a series of blends of paraffinic Group II and hydrotreated naphthenic oils: NYBASE®.

“Our NYBASE range helps lubes and grease formulators requiring the viscosity, solvency power and polarity typically displayed by paraffinic Group I oils, as the base oil production continues to shift towards Groups II and III”, says Dr. Gaia Franzolin, Marketing Director at Nynas NSP.

The NYBASE base oils outperform the paraffinic Group I oils as they display better low temperature characteristics, low aromatic content and significantly lower sulphur content.

In lubricating greases, NYBASE can replace Group I oils in lithium grease formulations, which represent more than 55 percent of global grease production. “Our studies show that NYBASE impart higher performance to the finished product, such as low temperature mobility, providing the opportunity to make grease products that flow smoothly at temperatures down to -35°C”, says Prof. Thomas Norrby, Technical Manager Lubricant applications at Nynas NSP.

“The NYBASE range also allows for rationalisation of the number of base oils in formulations, as formulators will be able to use just one oil, from one single tank. This simplifies logistics, reduces the risk of contaminations, and enables lean operations with reduced investment,”. adds Dr. Gaia Franzolin

Nynas NYBASE product range is now globally available and offered in a range of viscosities from 12 to 120 cSt @40C, replicating Group 1 grades from SN 70 to SN 600.

In addition, market feedback has encouraged Nynas to extend the NYBASE range, with sought-after NYBASE ISO VG grade (32, 46, 68 and 100), mainly intended for industrial hydraulic fluids, high viscosity index hydraulic fluids for mobile equipment, highly loaded industrial gear oil and metalworking neat oils. Lastly, seals will stay safe with NYBASE oil in the hydraulic fluid”.

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Thanks to their superb characteristics, our naphthenic grades or Group II / Naphthenic blends provide a more sustainable, high-performance alternative. Think of it as an opportunity to upgrade.

Here you will find a selection of our base oils based on their key characteristics, including viscosity. For more information on each product, simply download the relevant Product and Safety Data Sheets.

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