Supporting the Transition to a Sustainable Future

Nynas is committed to providing and advancing products that drive sustainability in customer applications.

Customer success stories

  • Transformers for the future

    Midtfjellet Wind Farm is the largest of its kind in Norway and the very latest in wind turbine technology. It is also a testament to the excellence of Turkish transformer manufacturer BEST Transformer and their successful partnership with Nynas.

  • A successful partnership

    Nynas’ strong partnership with one of Greece’s leading lubricant producers has not only shown the region’s customers the benefits of naphthenics over paraffinic oils, but also resulted in significant environmental gains through energy savings.

  • Retreading for Endurance

    A partnership between Leader Rubber Company and Nynas has successfully addressed challenges related to developing high-performance retreaded tyres for the enduro off-road market.

  • Sustainability efforts take off at Arlanda

    By using Nypol RE, a polymer-modified binder with a biogenic component, it is possible to reduce the climate impact while extending the technical lifespan of the asphalt. This was the reason behind the choice of coating when Skanska recently carried out work at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Specialty Products

Powering Everyday Infrastructure

Our bitumen and naphthenic specialty products are used for all kinds of applications that people come into contact with every day, such as electricity, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

In a nut shell, our products keep much of the world going round.

Nynas is committed to lowering its own environmental impact and the aim is to become climate-neutral by 2050.

Our products

Nynas aims to proactively contribute to sustainable development by demonstrably improving the impact of its economic, environmental and social activities.