Nynas meets the lubricant and base oil industry in Zagreb

During three intense autumn days, 22-24 November, leading representatives from both industry and academia will convene for the 54th Lubricants & Base Oils Symposium. This year's event, organized by the Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants (GOMA), will take place in Zagreb, often referred to as "Little Vienna" due to its rich cultural heritage.

The conference program includes a range of interesting topics, spanning from the industry's outlook concerning markets and trends to the development of higher-performance lubricants, all under the overarching theme of environmental protection and energy economy.

Nynas will contribute two presentations in Zagreb. On 22 November at 11:30, Dr. Jinxia Li will talk about why ultra-low viscous naphthenic oil is a potential solution provider across various applications, encompassing both metalworking fluids (MWF) and hydraulic systems, as well as lubricating greases.

The following day, 23 November at 12:00, Mehdi Fathi-Najafi will delve into how high viscous naphthenic oil can be used by grease manufacturers, addressing the topic under the banner of "Heavy Naphthenic Oil – A Solution Provider in Lubricating Greases." Additionally, on the same day at 14:00, Mehdi will participate in a panel discussion exploring the question: “Can the lubricants industry truly be sustainable?”

These presentations by Nynas promise to be insightful contributions to the symposium, offering valuable insights into the potential of naphthenic oils in various applications and fostering discussions about the sustainability of the lubricants industry. The event in Zagreb represents a unique opportunity for industry leaders and experts to come together, share knowledge, and explore future possibilities in the lubricant and base oil sector.

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