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Nynas has traditionally played an active role in connection with international gatherings. The pandemic made this important sharing of knowledge difficult, despite digital seminars and conferences, but the situation has now started to normalise once more.

Several leading industry events were held in autumn 2022, including the CIGRE Regional South East European Conference in Iasi, Romania. 

“The participants showed tremendous interest in our presence,” confirms General Manager Ovidiu Nan. 

The 2022 Transformer Life Management Conference and Exhibition was also held in the autumn, in Bad Gögging, Germany. Carl Wolmarans, Technical Advisor, gave a presentation: Sustainably Rated Power Transformers Using Alternative Liquids. Nynas also organised a workshop – Transformers Go Green – together with SGB-SMIT, MR and Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel.

“Two days of presentations and customer discussions reinforced our confidence that Nynas’ offering of bio-based and circular transformer fluids is the right way to take our electrical industry offerings and commitment further,” concludes Nina Lülsdorf, Sales Executive Germany.

A focus on sustainability

Nynas also attended the Polaris 2022 International Conference & Exhibition in Glasgow, where together with Gokhan Kalkan, Technical Manager Kyte Powertech, we presented a paper: Improving the Sustainability and Thermal Performance of Power Transformers with a Bio-Based Hydrocarbon Type Insulating Fluid.

“Polaris 2022 was an excellent opportunity to meet customers and end users, industry experts and decision-makers, with extensive networking opportunities as well as details of the latest industry developments,” says General Manager Abigail Waller.

Nynas’ focus on sustainability was further emphasised during the Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator Conference 2022 in Zagreb. In her presentation, Marika Rangstedt, Manager Sustainable development, showed that NYTRO® RR 900X and circularity has an important role to play in the electrical industry.

“The NYTRO RR 900X enables the electrical industry to join the circular economy in making the best use of transformer fluids currently in the grid, and at the end of their service lives collecting and converting them into new fluids that comply with the highest quality standards,” says Marika Rangstedt.

Nynas also participated at the exhibition and with a presentation during the FEICA Conference and EXPO 2022, one of the most important events for the European adhesive and sealant industry. During the UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress in Stuttgart, specialists of the lube and fuel sector as well as experts of the mechanical engineering and automotive industry met, among other things to listen to professor Thomas Norrby and his presentation on how to improve solvency using base oil blends containing naphthenics.

Technical leadership

If we look a little further ahead, the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover on 21–23 March is an important event. Nynas will have a stand at the exhibition. Carlo Silvestri, Senior Technical Advisor, will also be giving a presentation: Taking sustainability further – Nynas’ bio-based tyre oil in real tyres.

“Since we launched NYTEX® BIO 6200, its performance has been confirmed in several tyre and rubber applications through compound studies in the laboratory, with excellent performance confirmed in real winter tyre tests,” says Carlo. “In my presentation, I describe how in the next step we make tyres again with NYTEX BIO 6200 as the oil in summer UHP tread compound, to confirm the properties and performance from laboratory studies in real tyre tests in this type of application as well.”

A couple of months later, RubberCon 2023 will be held in Edinburgh, where, among others, Dr Kamyar Alavi, Senior Specialist, will be involved.

“With our presentations, we want to share our knowledge and assume technical leadership in the contribution of our oils to the overall performance of the rubber,” he says. “Also, as the industry is looking ever more to sustainable solutions, Nynas recent and increasing activities in this respect would also be a welcome element.”

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