The tyre industry is changing rapidly

As the market shifts to meet consumer demand for built-in technology and sustainability, Nynas is developing tyre oils for the next generation.

Did you know that manufacturers are moving production towards tyres with an increased diameter? As well as the aesthetic appeal, larger designs offer superior grip and better handling.

That's not the only change ongoing. In the near future, sensors able to report tyre and road conditions are expected to help drivers achieve a safer journey. It's clear that safety, as well as efficiency, will continue to play a critical role.

"The demand for reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel economy is here to stay,'' says Herbert Fruhmann, Market Manager Tyres. "To provide a sustainable solution like this, you need to dig into the raw materials, supply chain and production. Nynas tyre oils offer a range of technical benefits which support these ambitions and add sustainable value.''

To be continued by you...

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