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  • 16-11-2018 11:02

    It is important to have both incentives and clear requirements to drive developments forwards and to make sure that the industry is making a positive contribution to sustainable development.

  • 15-11-2018 16:09

    All of Nynas bitumen product transport operations in Sweden using road tankers now run virtually exclusively on biofuel.

  • 15-11-2018 13:41

    Information from the study of a cold mix asphalt pavement in Sweden that has been in place for 15 years provides invaluable insight into the durability of the material used.

  • 15-11-2018 10:48

    Bitumen Matters continues its journey around Europe to take a closer look at a few more interesting projects.

  • 12-09-2018 14:34

    As many markets place more focus on temperature reductions for asphalt production and laying, cold-mix asphalt techniques are receiving renewed interest.

  • 12-09-2018 12:15

    Leading an ambitious research programme, Nicolas Hautière of IFSTTAR is eager to demonstrate the viability of future fth generation roads.

  • 06-09-2018 10:45

    On 1st September 2018, widely-recognised bitumen industry professional Siobhan McKelvey became the new Director General of Eurobitume, taking over from Aimé Xhonneux – who led the organisation for six years and drove Eurobitume’s successful restructuring, national integration and significant membership growth.

  • 28-08-2018 15:29

    In October 1928 the S/S British Earl delivered the very first cargo of crude oil for the newly-built refinery in Nynäshamn, Sweden. The history of Nynas could start to unfold.

  • 27-08-2018 14:15

    All municipalities have at least one section of road that constantly requires maintenance, surfaces that can never be satisfactorily repaired and are always on the waiting list for new measures. One such example is the junction of Pilsworth Road and Moss Hall Road in the English town of Rochdale.

  • 20-06-2018 12:49

    Bitumen Matters continues its journey around Europe to take a closer look at a few more interesting projects.

  • 21-05-2018 11:31

    The theme of the inaugural 2018 E&E Event is “Preparing the asphalt industry for the future”.

  • 21-03-2018 12:27

    As many as one in eight local roads could be closed to traffic within a year because of a huge backlog of pothole repairs, according to the ALARM study, published 20 March.

  • 21-03-2018 11:05

    Employing an advanced analysis method, Nynas researchers are starting to unmask the chemical structure of bitumen. Xiaohu Lu explains how TOF-SIMS is used to analyse the surface structure of bitumen.

  • 15-03-2018 11:13

    Interested in maintenance, modernisation, adaptation of roads & streets for tomorrow's mobility? Come see us at the PPRS (Pavement Preservation & Recycling Summit), 26th -28th March in Nice.

  • 12-02-2018 14:50

    Nynas is actively working with customers and contractors to reach the goal of zero injuries at work.

  • 12-02-2018 10:29

  • 17-01-2018 16:21

    This tax strategy applies to all Nynas Group companies.

  • 16-08-2017 16:40

    Nynas’ highly modified special bitumen has proven to be ideal for surfaces on some of the biggest bridges in Northern Europe.

  • 20-07-2017 18:02

    The Carbon Trust supported Nynas in effectively implementing a best practice energy management system, that would allow the company to deliver cost savings and achieve certification to the international standard for energy management systems, ISO 50001.

  • 05-07-2017 09:07

    On 27-30 August, the leading players in the European road industry will gather to take part in the 29th International Baltic Road Conference.