Our products

- in brief

We provide a wide range of products for an even wider range of applications.

Nynas products can be found in all kinds of applications that we come into contact with every day. From the roads we drive on, to the electricity we are so dependent upon, our products are improving the lives of millions of people.

Our long-lasting, high performance specialty products are designed to meet customers’ stringent requirements as they transition into new, more sustainable solutions within energy, infrastructure, and other segments.

We rigorously hydrotreat our distillates to remove sulphur and nitrogen while also reducing aromatic content. The result is a very clean product that meets stringent demands in terms of function and health properties and is ideal for many customer applications. We produce bitumen from straight-run distillation for consistent product quality.

Sustainability is the main driver of our R&D projects today as we continue to enable customers to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. Simply put, our heart and soul go into supporting the sustainability transition.

For more information view our most common product areas

Transformer oils

Nynas is the world’s leading supplier of transformer oils with the widest product range on the market.

Base oils

Nynas provides naphthenic base oils for greases, industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids. Coming in a broad range of viscosities and with different degrees of refining, Nynas base oils are the best choice or a wide range of applications.

Process oils

Nynas provides naphthenic process oils for different applications like adhesives, printing inks, TPE and fertilizers.

Tyre & Rubber oils

With a local presence and a global supply chain, we offer fast and reliable solutions to meet the demands of the market - anywhere in the world.