The Brains of Nynas: Herbert Fruhmann

Dr Fruhmann has spent several years as Market Manager for Nynas’ lube segment and then in the same position for the tyre oil segment. He now works with Global Account Management & Business Development. Find out what's on his mind.


Working with sustainability is complex and multifaceted. Most things happen behind the scenes, which means that what is being done isn’t always evident. It’s also time-consuming. But it feels good to be part of a team that works with new products so that we can ensure a more sustainable future. The industry has set out on this journey, and we need to continue our conversations in order to understand customers’ needs and help them contribute to sustainable development.

Herbert Fruhmann

Dr Fruhmann holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, specialising in mechanical cleaning and filtration of metalworking fluids, from the University of Technology in Graz, as well as a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the same seat of learning. After a short period at a cellulose fibre company based in Austria, he came to Nynas in 2006 and worked as a Sales Executive. He now works with Global Account Management & Business Development, after several years as Market Manager for Nynas’ lube segment and then in the same position for the tyre oil segment.


I spend much of my time meeting customers. Discussions range from product offerings and product development to pricing and logistics. During the pandemic, I was able to “meet” people from pretty much all over the world, as I was mostly working from home. The situation has now returned to normal, with travel and face-to-face meetings. Even though this is preferable, I believe that certain elements of our work can continue to take place virtually.


There are many examples of companies that are considered to be at the cutting edge of technology, but that have in fact combined existing technologies in an innovative way to create new, valuable offerings. In the same way, I enjoy having contact with different people and combining their knowledge and experience to create something new. Sometimes we can be so focused on an issue that we forget that similar issues have already been resolved successfully.


Change is the only constant. Over the years, I’ve worked with different products and segments, as well as with business development. This means that I’ve met many competent colleagues, customers and business partners, and seen constant changes in teams, products, specifications and legislation. “No man ever steps in the same river twice”, as the ancient philosopher Heraclitus summed up our changing existence.


I cycle a lot in the summer, and since 1998 I’ve been doing something called Transalp. Briefly, it involves cycling all day, mainly off-road, and sleeping overnight in basic cabins along the way. In the winter, it’s all about skiing. One particularly fascinating experience is backcountry skiing, where you ascend mountains, I’ve been at a height of over 4,000 metres, before making the descent in powder snow. A perfect way to recharge your batteries ahead of those professional challenges.

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