- a driving force

Nynas is uniquely positioned to contribute to the energy transition, and we embrace the sustainability challenge wholeheartedly. We are continuously improving the characteristics and benefits of our products to help customers and society become more sustainable. This is crucial for our planet and for the long-term survival of our company.

Sustainability is the key driver in our R&D projects, with a focus on developing and innovating primarily to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions and increase circularity. Our Nypol RE, for example, reduces the CO2 footprint by up to 60 per cent compared to conventional polymer-modified bitumen. Nynas products also contribute to longer lifetime in countless applications, from wind and electrical power generation, to paving and metalworking.

Our team of experts has partnered with customers, academia and others to advance the sustainability efforts. Together, we are exploring new circular raw materials and expanding our portfolio of products. We recently embarked on an exciting project with Stena Recycling to collect and re-refine end-of-life transformer oils.

We are also improving sustainability within our production and supply chains. Nynas has committed to targets to lower its own environmental impact, with the aim to become climate-neutral by 2050. We strive to be regarded as a positive force in society and an attractive and equal opportunity employer.