The future looks bright for Nynas’ bio-based tyre oil

NYTEX® BIO 6200 is one of the most important sustainability products right now.

One important feature of Nynas’ strategy for continued global growth is the launch of products that support their customers’ long-term sustainability work. This is true not least of the bio-based tyre oil NYTEX BIO 6200, the result of many years’ intensive R&D work.

“NYTEX BIO 6200 offers significant and measurable contributions to sustainability, while not compromising, and in some cases improving, technical performance in tyre and rubber applications,” says Dr Kamyar Alavi, Senior Specialist Nynas Naphthenics. 

In addition to the innovative aspect, Dr Alavi believes that NYTEX BIO 6200 also has significant commercial potential.

“The product has been designed and developed to be offered as a real alternative to conventional tyre and rubber process oils, which shows Nynas’ commitment to the market as well as confidence in the commercial potential of the product. ”

Finally, when it comes to sustainability, the contribution to this field is multifaceted.

“NYTEX BIO 6200 ticks many of the important boxes, such as making use of a renewable bio-based feedstock, as well as high efficiency in production, resulting in a drastic lowering of our footprint,” explains Dr Alavi.

The sustainability value of NYTEX BIO 6200 has been recognised by the European Rubber Journal, which is the leading international publication with a focus on the tyre and rubber industry. In its latest ranking – Elastomers for Sustainability (E4S) – NYTEX BIO 6200 was named the 2nd most important sustainability project happening in the elastomers/rubber industry right now.

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