Nynas sustainability concept

Nynas Resolution

If you are looking for sustainable performance, Nynas ReSolution will simplify your life. Now we are making it even easier to find the products you are looking for.

Nynas ReSolution is a collection of products and solutions that can help you achieve sustainable performance in different ways. To make it easy for you to find relevant products we have grouped them around some main benefits:

They offer ways to reduce impacts, reinforce performance, renew and recirculate material.

Nynas ReSolution is continuously updated with products and solutions that fit these requirements. 



  • Reduced asphalt production and paving temperatures improving energy consumption and working conditions
  • Reduced rolling resistance, better fuel economy, less emissions contributed to by the tire oils
  • Reduced energy and soap consumption at grease cooking with NSP
  • Better cooling through lower viscosities enabling better convection of fluids in transformers, minimized electrical losses
  • Nynas naphthenic oil-based solutions providing safer wood treatment, replacing creosote-based products.



  • Longer lifetimes with high/super grade transformer fluids (and thus the transformer insulation) due to excellent oxidation stability
  • Correct compatibility and purity enable processing at lower temperatures and more cycles of oil recovery in battery separators. A high-quality battery separator contributes to longer battery lifetime.
  • Lubricating greases made with NSP have a moderate oil separation which gives good storage stability. Moreover, they have good shear stability which contributes to a long service life
  • Improved asphalt durability through excellent resistance to deformation (e.g. with Nynas Endura Z)



  • Nynas rejuvenator(s) facilitate increased re-use of asphalt. (Nygen)
  • Nynas RR transformer fluids ensure end-of-service life transformer fluids are refurbished to high quality, on par with virgin oils, and returned to the electrical industry to serve a new long lifetime.



  • Nynas BIO specialty products are partly or fully formulated from renewable (bio-based) raw material and do not compromise on performance.
  • Polymer-modified binders (PMB) with a biogenic component that compensates for the added carbon footprint of polymer modification. This results in a longer useful life without the drawback of a higher carbon footprint.