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Technical articles

  • Doubling down on CO2

    By choosing NYTRO® BIO 300X for their transformers, utilities take steps towards sustainability. Apart from being bio-based, biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable, Nynas’ innovative transformer liquid also offers superior performance, further reducing carbon footprints.

  • Transformer oil test rig: Tracing thermal faults

    At Nynas, the developers of transformer liquids have a new R&D tool – a functional bench-top test rig in which they can mimic the conditions of thermal faults. Simulated performance testing is enabling quicker, easier and more cost-effective evaluation of novel insulating fluids.

  • Innovative new transformer fluid

    Nynas recently launched a game-changing product – its second bio-based oil – within the power transformer space. NYTRO® BIO 300X is designed to meet the increased environmental awareness and rising pressure on electricity networks.

  • Solving a transformer leak mystery

    Retro-filling with gas-to-liquids (GTL) oil might cause problems with leaks in transformers previously filled with naphthenic oil. That is what Nynas scientists found when conducting an investigative study following customer reports about transformer leaks.

  • How much water is there in my transformer?

    Minimising water in a transformer’s insulation system is important as excess water can increase the risk of dielectric failure and can also speed up the ageing of the cellulose based paper insulation.

  • Extreme tension demands superior oil

    What makes an oil suitable for use in ultra-high voltage electrical equipment? Having the superior properties associated with the Super Grade is essential. Jayme Nunes explains why.

  • Stressed by high voltage

    How does an insulating liquid handle the stress of high voltage? Carl Wolmarans has looked at some of the issues facing designers of insulation systems for electrical equipment.

  • A medical check-up that can save your transformer life

    Did you know there is a diagnostic technique like your medical check-up that is applied to electrical transformers and that can prevent thermal and electrical failures? This technique is known as DGA or Dissolved Gas Analysis.