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To find out what it is like to work at Nynas, read the interviews with our co-workers.

We are proud to know that you probably walk on, or, at our solutions and hard thinking this very day. You will find our products in everything from shoes to printing ink to pavement. Look around you and you’ll see so many goods and services made – or made possible – using naphthenic oil and bitumen products from Nynas.

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Cyril - Refinery Manager

Cyril is a chemical engineer and works as Refinery Manager in Nynäshamn. Prior to being in charge of the whole refinery in Nynäshamn, he worked as Production Manager. Cyril started his journey within Nynas in 2009.

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Line, Office Manager

Since joining Nynas in 2008 Line has been based at the Drammen bitumen depot, which serves a huge part of the Norwegian asphalt industry. A typical day for Line involves anything from reporting taxes and speaking with customers to working with marketing material, with her creative and solution-oriented approach to work suiting the variable nature of her job.

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Rena, Sales Executive

Rena’s working days include anything from catching up with customers over the phone, traveling around locally or regionally for site visits, making plans for the next events/seminars and problem solving, putting multitasking to a test.

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    Learn more about the refinery and our exciting jobs by taking the virtual tour.

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    To find out what it is like to work at Nynas, read the interviews with our co-workers.

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    This job takes us all over the world as we serve clients on every continent. So, if you are ready for a global adventure, you are in the right place...