Group Management

Anders Nilsson

Director Supply Chain. Employed since: 2000. In current position: 2014. Born 1968. Nationality: Swedish.

Bo Askvik

President and CEO. Employed since: 2014. In current position: 2019. Born 1958. Nationality: Swedish.

Hans Östlin

Director Communication. Employed since: 2006. In current position: 2006. Born 1961. Nationality: Swedish.

Jim Christie

Business Area Director Bitumen UK and Western Europe. Employed since: 1994. In current position: 2008. Born 1960. Nationality: British.

Rolf Allgulander

Vice President Manufacturing. Employed since: 2007. In current position: 2007. Born 1962. Nationality: Swedish.

Simon Day

Vice President Naphthenics. Employed since:1996. In current position: 2014. Born 1967. Nationality: British.

Eva Kaijser

Acting CFO. Employed since: 2019. In current position: 2019. Born 1972. Nationality: Swedish.

Ingegerd Engquist

Director Human Resources. Employed since: 2021. In current position: 2021. Born 1968. Nationality: Swedish.

Mikael Blank

Acting Business Area Director, Bitumen Nordic. Employed since: 2009. In current position: 2020. Born 1970. Nationality: Swedish.