About Nynas

When you have a magical substance that can dissolve, purify, lubricate, cool, insulate, bind and protect – why would you burn it?

Nynas is a different kind of oil company.

Working together with our customers, we tap into the full potential of oil to help create valuable applications for end-users and society. Wherever you look, you will see products and services made – or made possible by – using Nynas’ naphthenic oils and bitumen.

We have made it our business to unlock oil’s potential and provide value to our customers around the world.

Our business

In close collaboration with our customers, we develop oils for use in a number of applications that fill important roles in their products and processes. Long-lasting oils that create sustainable value.

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Our vision

Nynas’ vision is to strengthen our position as the global leader in naphthenic products and as the premier bitumen partner in Europe. We do this by developing next generation solutions for our customers, assuring profitable growth and providing an attractive place to work.

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Specialty oils made simple

Ever wondered what crude oil is, where it comes from and how we refine it into specialty products for hundreds of applications?

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Corporate governance

The external corporate governance instruments that determine the framework for Nynas’ corporate governance consist of the Swedish Companies Act, Annual Accounts Act and other relevant acts.

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Nynas’ financial information comprises Annual Reports.

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Nynas history

Nynas' history is an exciting story of how a small Swedish oil company was transformed into a leading international operator with a focus on special products.

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