Nynas stories

Even though Nynas operates in a relatively small niche of the oil industry, you can find traces of what we produce all around you. Not many people know that. In fact, a great many fascinating stories from our business have yet to be told. To help you complete your story, you'll find a variety of resources here, including an image bank, a brief background on Nynas as well as a number of possible storylines.

Half the story

Very little is known about oil refineries, what they do and how they do it. Truth is, very little is known about this remarkable substance we call oil – even by people who work with it daily. This section is designed to provide some insight – and hopefully inspiration – to students, educators and journalists who want to explore the oil business from a variety of perspectives. The stories are of general, technical and environmental interest. Each one includes contact details to Nynas personnel who can provide you with further information. Come back soon as we'll be adding more 'stories' on a regular basis.

Nynas history

Although Nynas was founded in Sweden by two Swedish engineers, the initial seeds were sown in America. For a brief summary, view the Nynas History.

Studying oil for no particular reason

Crude oil has many remarkable properties. These properties not only allow it to be used as the primary fuel for global transportation – by land, sea and air – but also as a vital component in just about everything we see around us.

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The oil that reappears

The vast majority of crude oil becomes fuel, which is consumed the instant it is used, leaving only a trail of fumes. Very little of the oil produced at Nynas' refineries ends up as fuel.

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Can you fly three jumbo jets simultaneously?

Being an operator at an oil refinery is no easy job. You're expected to keep a vigilant eye on more than 300 gauges at any given time.

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Got a problem? Talk to the oil

Oil is an information carrier. If you analyse a sample of oil, it can tell you a great deal about the condition of the machinery it was drawn from.

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Nynas surfs the waves

Industrial rubber is used primarily in products such as gaskets, seals, rubber mats and other parts for the automotive industry. But there is also a need for certain consumer products, including wetsuits and drysuits. In this case manufacturers need a material that is watertight, impact-resistant and offers thermal insulation.

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Colourful oil

Several of Nynas' process oils meet the quality demands for special oils in antifoam agents. This is an important additive for, among other things, the manufacture of paint.

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The importance of being a good neighbour

With the quarterly publication of a “Good Neighbour’’ advertisement in the local press, Nynas keeps residents appraised of how its business is developing and strengthens its open dialogue with the community.

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The tyre industry is changing rapidly

As the market shifts to meet consumer demand for built-in technology and sustainability, Nynas is developing tyre oils for the next generation.

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Communication contacts

Hans Östlin

Communications Director

mobile number +46 708 93 19 75
email number hans.ostlin@nynas.com

Kristina Näslund

Head of Marketing Communications Naphthenics

phone number +46 8 602 12 53
mobile number +46 76 108 14 48

Eva Näslund Carlsson

Head of Marketing Communications Bitumen

phone number +46 8 602 12 00
mobile number +46 070 88 33 500

Veronica Arvidsson Gomez

Project Manager Communications

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mobile number + 46 703 51 36 48