This is Nynas

So, what's is like to work here?

We are 1000+ coworkers in 30 country’s and are always looking for new people to join us. Find your special spot in this large family.

”Wherever I look, I see where Nynas people and products make a difference. From the roads I travel to the shoes on my feet" 


Our values


Being dedicated involves doing one’s best in every situation and taking responsibility for customers, colleagues and society in general.


Being cooperative means working together for mutual trust and support, which creates a corporate culture that encourage cross-border and cross-functional meetings, job rotation and training.


Being proactive includes thinking ahead, being open to new ideas and continuously seeking new solutions and opportunities so that Nynas can continue to be at the forefront of development.

Dedication according to Karin 

"Dedication means to me, to do the best you can. Working with the health, safety and environmental impact of our products is not always straight forward, you need to have a high knowledge but also a high interest in many areas."

Cooperations according to James


"There are some old sayings: "Many hands make light work" and "A problem shared is a problem halved" - and cooperation means to me how we work together to achieve our goals and ambitions.”

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