The Brains of Nynas: Tallal Belkheiri

With a solid R&D background in process technology, Tallal Belkheiri's work as Nynas Sustainability Manager involves developing sustainable technological solutions. Find out what's on his mind.

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Sustainability is the responsibility of every individual. As Sustainability Manager, my primary challenge is to effectively coordinate all sustainability initiatives across the company, ensuring effective teamwork. In order to achieve our goals and ambitions, it is imperative that we foster a culture of collaboration and cooperation. By synergising our efforts and sharing our expertise, we can maximise the impact of our sustainability ideas.

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Modern technologies, volatile markets and ever-changing customer needs not only require companies to constantly be reacting to these demanding changes, but also requires a proactive approach to product development to retain the position of market leader. Nynas is constantly exploring new applications and technologies, and this will ensure that we continue to grow, along with our partners, well into and beyond the 21st Century.

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There are plenty of success stories that highlight Nynas’ commitment to sustainability. This applies not least to various projects aimed at developing bio-based products and promoting circularity. Effective communication plays a central role in this work. We aim to make Nynas employees feel proud of our “sustainability journey”, while embedding a culture of sustainability in every aspect of our daily operations.

Tallal Belkheiri

With a solid background, both academically and professionally, Tallal came to Nynas in the summer of 2020. In addition to a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from École des Mines de Douai, France, he has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. His doctoral thesis investigates the possibilities of developing a catalytic process to produce biofuels and chemicals from biomass. Tallal was hired at Nynas as a Process Technology Specialist, coming from a position as Research Engineer in the R&D Department in Nouryon. He recently took up the post of Nynas Sustainability Manager.

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I dedicate my free time to two important aspects of my life: my family and exercise. I enjoy the moments spent with my loved ones, while I also find inspiration, relaxation and an opportunity for meditation while running and exercising in the stunning Swedish forests. In addition, one of my favourite hobbies is reading about technology, politics, and broader topics of interest.

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Having spent several years in the field of R&D and process technology, my passion for innovation and technology remains. However, my focus has gradually shifted towards seeking technological solutions from a sustainability perspective. In addition to close involvement with the areas of process and technology, my role as as Sustainability Manager requires me to support, assist and coordinate various sustainable initiatives. This allows me to maintain my connection with technology and process development, while contributing to the broader goal of promoting sustainability.

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