Building Roads Sustainably

The Institute of Asphalt’s Annual Conference is an important event for the UK road industry. This year’s theme is sustainable development and Nynas will be there to talk about our new product range Nypol RE as well as other ways in which we contribute to reducing the climate impact of the asphalt sector.

Held in London on 17-18 May, this year’s IAT Annual Conference is organised under the headline “Building Roads Sustainably”. Discussions will focus on how policy, design and implementation can deliver sustainable road construction and maintenance through whole-life carbon reduction and best practice.

Nynas representatives Sarah Badley, Jane Dunne and Mike Lancaster will be there to talk about the many ways in which Nynas supports the road industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.

In addition to significant investments in our bitumen production in recent years, which includes a reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses of up to 34% at the Gothenburg refinery, Nynas recently launched Nypol RE, a new range of polymer-modified binders that increases the useful life of a pavement while reducing its climate impact.

By adding polymers, you can further extend the service life of a road, but the downside is that a PMB in itself has a larger climate impact due to the relatively large contribution of the polymers to its carbon footprint.

The products in the Nypol RE range contain a material with biogenic carbon, which compensates for the increased footprint of the polymer modification without affecting the extended service life that they provide. Viewed over the whole service life of the product, this results in a significantly reduced climate impact.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Nynas technical experts at the IAT Annual Conference on May 18 and learn more about Nypol RE and other ways we can help you build roads more sustainably.

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