The journey from crude to the finished bitumen and naphthenic oils delivered by Nynas is an interesting one. By applying heat and hydrotreating the molecules, we remove impurities and refine the oil into products which can be found all around you.

The journey from crude to highly refined naphthenic oil starts in the distillation column. Firstly, the oil is heated and distilled into different hydrocarbon mixtures – or fractions - according to boiling point. The heavier fractions at the bottom have the highest boiling point and are refined into bitumen products, while those higher up in the column become distillates more suited to the production of naphthenic specialty products.

The next step in the process is hydrotreatment, which transforms the distillates into finished oils. How does it work? The distillate is mixed with hydrogen and heated to over 300°C. This reduces the amount of unwanted molecules such as aromatic compounds, and removes sulphur, nitrogen, and oxygen. The distillates can also be refined through hydrofinishing, a milder form of hydrotreatment with slightly reduced pressure and temperature.

At the end of the journey we have a highly refined and clean oil, and Nynas offers a versatile product portfolio which includes Transformer Oils, Base Oils, Process Oils, and Tyre & Rubber Oils. Our naphthenic crude has a low wax content, which ensures the refined oils offer excellent low temperature properties, and are available in a wide range of viscosities, delivered worldwide through our global supply chain. 


Process oil products

Nynas oils are used in many different applications and for various ends in the Chemical and Manufacturing Industry (CMI). Apart from Adhesives, Printing Inks, Industrial Rubber and TPE, Nynas products for CMI are used in numerous applications and for many different uses.

Here you will find a selection of Nynas Process oils based on their key characteristics, including viscosity. For more information on each product, simply download the relevant Product and Safety Data Sheets. See a collection of products