Process oil case stories

Want to know what it is like to have Nynas as a supplier and partner? To hear the words of our customers, click on the links and we will take you to their locations around the world. You will find case stories from all over the world describing how our customers work together with us in order to create mutual value through innovative solutions.

Talent brings success

For Colquimica Adhesives Group, working with the best is at the core of their business strategy, not least when it comes to suppliers.

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Tailored to your needs

Supply reliability, innovation and customer focus are all values shared between Nynas and its adhesives customer Tailored Chemical Products.

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Stable formulation

Thanks to the high polarity and solvent power of naphthenic oils, Xuzhou Longshida Chemical was able to help its customers improve the performance of their adhesive products.

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Stick close to the market

Quilosa Selena Iberia’s strong relationships with customers and suppliers have helped it weather the storm of the financial crisis 2007-2008. As the rain falls even in Spain, raw materials help make Selena products more weather-resistant.

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Mining – a booming business

Explosives in the mining industry have come a long way since the days when extracting ore involved cracking the ground open with fires. Today explosives are produced with precise technology, high-quality raw materials and a strong emphasis on safety.

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