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25/01/2022 13:43

The Brains of Nynas: Robert Fairholm

Robert Fairholm is Senior Development Engineer for the electrical industry application group at Nynas. Find out what's on his mind.


Product development is needed for our existing portfolio, either as part of short-term optimisation or a longer-term strategy. When the opportunity arises for new products, the full range of development work comes into play, including method development for in-house purposes or as part of international standards. Input from colleagues throughout the company helps provide the focus and framework into which I can apply my technical knowledge to progress the developments most beneficial to Nynas and our customers.


Product optimisation is often needed to make sure that our products have the availability required by our customers, whilst also assuring the quality that they expect. This needs timely application of the technical knowledge I have built up over the years at Nynas, as well as collaboration with expert colleagues from different departments throughout the company.


HSE needs to be considered for every aspect of my work. This ranges from potential effects on colleagues and my immediate environment, in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic, to the potential impact of our products on people, the environment and society as a whole.


Teamwork with colleagues from various departments is a major aspect of my work, whether it’s simply collaborating with one person from my work group or participating in a multi-departmental project team. Communicating effectively and having empathy for colleagues is the foundation I try to use.


Outside of work, I like to take my mind off things by watching documentaries of different genres and on various topics, ranging from ancient history to modern fly-on-the-wall type programmes. And as an attempt at some exercise, I like to stretch my legs on long walks with music or a podcast playing in my ears.


Robert Fairholm has a B.Sc. in Molecular Science. Following work as a process technician in the fabrication of optoelectronics for Bookham Technology and as a lab technician for the University of Cranfield, Robert joined Nynas in 2007 as a lab technician in the UK. In 2012, Robert moved to the Technology Center at the Nynäshamn refinery, working for TechDMS in various positions, and he now has the role of Senior Development Engineer for the electrical industry application group.


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