Studying oil for no particular reason

Why do we study crude oil? We have nothing better do. After using it for almost 200 years, we know everything about oil, right? Wrong.

As a former head of pure research at Nynas once said, “Even after all this time, relatively little is known about oil. What we do in our laboratory is to find out more about this incredible resource and how we can unlock its full potential."

It’s a great pity that so much of this remarkable substance vanishes the moment it is consumed.

At Nynas, however, very little of the oil we refine disappears. Most of it is put to good use in objects you can see around you – road surfaces, pipes, flooring, medication, kitchen tools, toys, the list is endless. And a lot of it can be recycled and perhaps put to even better use next time. That’s why we research oil – it’s simply too useful not to.

To be continued by you…

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