An international adventure

With around 600 employees, several production facilities as well as offices in around 20 countries, Nynas is dedicated to researching, producing and supplying specialty naphthenic oils and bitumen for a growing market.

Our job is to extract every drop of performance from a finite resource. Unlike fuel, which is consumed that instant it is used, the solutions we provide can in many cases be used for decades before being recycled.

This job takes us all over the world as we serve clients on every continent. So, if you are ready for a global adventure, you are in the right place.


The place where Nynas first saw the light of day. And this is where many of our employees choose to live.

Nynashamn production site produces all Nynas product categories for the Nordic market and for export. And is the largest supplier of bitumen for roads in Sweden and the Nordic countries. As a matter of fact it’s one of the largest producers of naphthenic specialty oils in the world.  

In Nynäshamn you are close to the sea, the archipelago and an undulating historical landscape, and if you have the city in your blood, it only takes a little over 40 minutes to get to Stockholm - by car or train.


The Eastham production site operated as a 50/50 joint venture between Nynas and Shell. Here Nynas produces bitumen for the UK market and Nynas Special Products Plant produces polymer modified binders and emulsions.


The Gothenburg production site produces bitumen and specialty products such as polymer modified bitumen, bitumen emulsions and oxidised bitumen for the Nordic market.

There is a special Nynas spirit, a culture of working together and a will to help each other

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    There are only a thousand people working at Nynas. But we have a global reach, from our network that serves customers all around the world to the ways in which our products contribute to the lives of billions of people.

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    Working at Nynas means working according to our three core values: Dedication, Cooperation and Proactivity.

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