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Jessica, Bachelor of Arts Logistics and Retail

Nynas Headquarter, Stockholm


Jessica, Head of Supply Chain Operations

In the eight years since Jessica joined Nynas, she has had the privilege of immersing herself in various aspects of the company's operations. The first years were particularly intense, considering that she was studying part-time to complete her degree in parallel with her job in Customer Service.

"During the summer of 2020, I transitioned from Sales to Supply Chain, which also allowed me to relocate from Germany to Sweden," she says. "For some time now, I have held the position of Head of Supply Chain Operations Naphthenics."

Products On Time

As Head of Supply Chain Operations, Jessica's responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, from contacts with suppliers to evaluating and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs). However, her overarching responsibility is to ensure that customers receive their products on time while offering an international supply and depot network that is close to the customers' sites.

"One of my main focuses is our central storage facility in Antwerp. Together with my team, I ensure that operations run smoothly without compromising safety or product quality," Jessica explains.

International Environment

Jessica has never regretted her decision to join Nynas. She values being surrounded by a highly motivated and skilled team in an international environment. Additionally, she appreciates the diverse range of tasks and the collaboration across different departments.

"Since I recently stepped into a managerial role, I really look forward to grow and develop within my new role. We also have some interesting projects ahead of us, which is very exciting," she concludes.

Ludwig, MSc in Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment

Nynas production site, Nynäshamn

Ludwig, Process Engineer

During his time studying at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Ludwig had the opportunity to participate in a visit to Nynas production site in Nynäshamn. He was impressed by both the facilities and the ongoing development projects. "It was just as I had imagined a workplace for a process engineer should look like. When I saw that there was a vacant position within the Nynas trainee program in the spring of 2021, I never hesitated to apply," he says.

Driving Improvement Projects

After completing the one-year trainee program, Ludwig started his new job as a process engineer in the Process Technical Service department. He doesn't regret it. "Besides interesting tasks and a positive working atmosphere, I have fantastic colleagues, which makes the daily work both enjoyable and educational. The job as process engineer encompasses a variety of tasks with the overarching mission of monitoring and streamlining the operation of process facilities. "In plain language, this means that, in addition to overseeing the facilities I'm responsible for, I also need to identify problems and, when necessary, initiate and lead improvement projects.

Full-scale Testing

Alongside his main responsibilities, Ludwig is in charge of coordinating full-scale testing in the facilities and collecting data for CO2 and energy monitoring. Right now, however, the primary focus is on the major maintenance and inspection shutdown. "I'm really looking forward to it, especially considering that many of the projects I've been involved in will be implemented during the shutdown," Ludwig concludes.

Anna, Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Nynas production site, Gothenburg 

Anna, Refinery Manager

Following her first job as a process engineer, Anna has been taking on different roles at Nynas, including production manager and since 2015 as refinery manager. “The job of site manager gives me the opportunity to combine my great interest in technology with leadership and business development,” she explains.  

Perform and contribute

Anna's area of responsibility includes all aspects of the production site in Gothenburg. Her mission is to develop competence within the organisation and to make sure that the conditions are the best possible for each and every employee so that everyone can perform and contribute.  

Motivated employees

“It’s no coincidence that I’ve chosen to stay so long at Nynas”, says Anna. “The company’s greatest asset is competent and motivated employees, but there’s also a wonderful team spirit here. I look forward to helping contribute to Nynas’ continued development.”


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