Taking off

There are few sectors with higher standards for safety and performance than the aerospace industry. The combination of extreme operational forces and strict safety criteria means that aircraft manufacturers can only work with partners that supply high-performance products and solutions. Nynas is one of those suppliers.

More than aviation hydraulics

Nynas base oils are ideal for use in hydraulics in all types of cold environments. Mobile hydraulic machinery for demanding arctic and high-altitude applications requires viscosity grade 15 to 32 HVLP hydraulic fluids with a very high Viscosity Index (VI). These kinds of hydraulic fluids make use of ultra-low, low and mid-viscosity naphthenic base oils that provide very good fluidity at these low temperatures, while the high solvency of the base oil is necessary to keep high amounts of the polymeric VI Improver additives (10-20%) in solution. The formulated hydraulic fluid needs to be resistant to gelling and separation, while maintaining all other necessary properties such as low foam and fast air and water release.

Aerospace design and manufacturing requires quality at every stage. Standards are deeply embedded in the industry’s supply chains, and the complex technologies and systems of modern aviation require an intricate network of collaboration between a large number of suppliers.

“Nynas has a long history of supplying high-performance naphthenic oils to the aerospace industry,” says Dr Gaia Franzolin, Nynas Marketing Director. “Our specialist focus and dedication to consistent and high-performance products makes us an ideal partner for modern aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers.”

For example, Nynas’ high-purity, ultra-low viscosity naphthenic base oil is ideal for blending high-performance, low temperature-adapted hydraulic fluids that are used in the hydraulic systems of aircraft. Large, complex aircraft use hydraulics to move and actuate landing gear, flaps, brakes, flight controls, spoilers, thrust reversers and many other components.

Hydraulic fluid is used to transmit energy throughout the hydraulic system. Given the very high operating pressure of 3,000 to 5,000 psi, the environmental conditions at high altitude and strict safety criteria, the fluid must have high flash and boiling points, an extremely low freezing point and a very high Viscosity Index (VI) in order to maintain the correct viscosity at a wide range of temperatures. It must also have adequate cooling, lubricating and anti-corrosion properties.

“NYNAS® NS 3 displays ultra-low viscosity, even at temperatures as low as -54°C,” says Professor Thomas Norrby, Technical Manager Lubricants Nynas Naphthenics.

“These ultra-low viscosity naphthenic base oils have low temperature properties rivalling polyalphaolefin (PAO), while also having much better solvency. So, combining naphthenics and PAO is a cost-effective route to achieve the desired high-performance products.”

Another highly demanding aerospace application where Nynas naphthenic fluids are used is aircraft tyres.

“Nynas’ tyre oils are used in all possible applications, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy trucks, buses and agricultural machines,” notes Dr Franzolin. “Our wide portfolio means that we can provide the right tyre oil regardless of whether it will end up in a bicycle or a 100-tonne commercial airliner.”

Durability and impact shock absorption are critical for aircraft tyres. Nynas process rubber oils soften the compound and improve the dispersion of the filler – normally carbon black – in the polymer matrix to make the compound easily processable and lowering the heat buildup in the tyre. They also reduce the risk of air being trapped in the tyre component, as well as the risk of delamination due to high impact forces.

“We look forward to continuing to be a partner to the aerospace industry, not least in their ongoing work to reduce the carbon footprint. Our bio-based tyre oil NYTEX® BIO 6200 is one example of our sustainable development efforts to support the industry in the journey towards the sustainability goals, and much more will follow,” concludes Gaia Franzolin.

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