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  • New Board Directors in Nynas AB appointed

    At the Annual General Meeting in Nynas AB, the following new Directors of the Board were appointed.

  • Change of CEO in Nynas

    Nynas President and CEO Bo Askvik has informed the Board that he has decided to leave his position after 8 years in the company. The board has appointed Stein Ivar Bye as interim CEO.

  • Taking off

    There are few sectors with higher standards for safety and performance than the aerospace industry. The combination of extreme operational forces and strict safety criteria means that aircraft manufacturers can only work with partners that supply high-performance products and solutions. Nynas is one of those suppliers.

  • Končar - Instrument Transformers completes successful tests with Nynas NYTRO BIO 300X

    Croatia’s leading manufacturer of instrument transformers has successfully completed a full range of tests on units filled with Nynas’ bio-based insulating liquid NYTRO® BIO 300X.

  • Thumbs-up for bio-based transformer liquid

    Rigorously tested and approved for use in market-leading Buchholz relays, Nynas’ NYTRO® BIO 300X transformer liquid offers a more sustainable cooling solution.

  • Nynas halts purchase of feedstock of Russian origin

    Nynas has decided to halt purchase of feedstock of Russian origin, and sales to customers in Russia and Belarus have also been stopped.

  • The future looks bright for Nynas’ bio-based tyre oil

    NYTEX® BIO 6200 is one of the most important sustainability products right now.

  • Streamlined Nynas Bitumen organisation to meet the strong trends

    By adapting more quickly to changes in the market, Nynas can provide its customers with the best possible conditions for innovation and use of best practice.

  • The Brains of Nynas: Robert Fairholm

    Robert Fairholm is Senior Development Engineer for the electrical industry application group at Nynas. Find out what's on his mind.

  • Excellent flight control

    Low-viscosity naphthenic base oils are ideal for blending high-performance, low temperature adapted hydraulic fluids for aircraft. NYNAS® NS 3 and NYNAS® S 3B display ultra-low base oil viscosity even at temperatures as low as -54°C.