Our vision

We believe in using oil in a sustainable manner. We want to use oil – not burn it. Increased environmental awareness as well as a growing focus on the impact that products and work processes have on health are part of our long-term strategy, as is investigating the possibilities of using renewable feedstock and products.

Nynas’ vision is to strengthen our position as the global leader in naphthenic products and as the premier bitumen partner in Europe. We do this by developing next generation solutions for our customers, assuring profitable growth and providing an attractive place to work.

To achieve this vision, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and processes. Owing to our specialist knowledge we are able to provide a strong partnership in product development.

High quality sourcing and manufacturing – along with a supply network that is strategically located around the world – ensure that customers receive prompt and reliable delivery, regardless of their location.

At Nynas we are committed to achieving sustainable development in parallel with the company’s ambitions for growth and profitability. Strict company policies are in place to ensure that our business operates in line with objectives related to safety, human rights, business ethics, the environment, and other materiality areas.

Providing an attractive place to work is essential when it comes to focusing on our greatest asset – our employees, both current and future. Our diverse workforce is made up of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds who share one common attribute – we all act according to Nynas’ three core values: dedication, cooperation and proactivity.