Nynas leading the way at Tire Technology Expo

As the much-anticipated Tire Technology Expo in Hanover approaches, tire industry professionals and enthusiasts alike are gearing up for a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and advancements.

Dr Kamyar Alavi

Senior Technical Advisor
Nynas AB

As the tire industry continues to evolve, Nynas stands at the forefront of innovation, offering tyre oils that not only enhance performance but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Tire Technology Expo attendees are urged to visit stand C220, hall 20, to witness firsthand the solutions that Nynas has to offer. Dr. Kamyar Alavi's presentation promises to be a highlight, providing a deeper understanding of Nynas commitment to excellence and sustainability in the tyre industry.

Nynas is a leading provider of high-performance tyre oils and you´ll meet us at stand C220, hall 20. We will present products that not only contribute to reduced rolling resistance but also play a pivotal role in enhancing fuel efficiency.

Powering efficiency and sustainability

Nynas boasts a formidable lineup of tyre oils designed for optimal performance. NYTEX® 4700, a favorite among top-tier tyre brands, stands out for its ability to significantly reduce rolling resistance, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency. The benefits of NYTEX 4700 extend beyond performance, making it a preferred choice in the tyre industry.

In line with the growing emphasis on sustainability, Nynas has also introduced NYTEX BIO 6200. This innovative tyre oil is crafted with renewable materials, aligning with sustainability goals within the tyre manufacturing sector. 

Connect with us at Stand C220, Hall 20

For a deeper understanding of Nynas tyre oils, Tire Technology Expo attendees are encouraged to connect with the company's technical experts at Nynas stand C220, hall 20. Engage in insightful conversations, gain valuable insights, and explore how Nynas is at the forefront of tyre technology evolution.

Dr. Kamyar Alavi's presentation: A glimpse into Nynas innovative approach

A highlight of Nynas participation in the expo is the presentation by Dr. Kamyar Alavi, the Senior Technical Advisor, that will present his paper titled "Multivariate Approach in Compound Development with Non-Conventional Raw Materials." This presentation delves into Nynas pioneering work on compound design and optimisation, utilising non-conventional raw materials through multivariate analysis.

The paper is not just a technical exploration but also presents Nynas commitment to sustainability within the tyre industry. Dr. Alavi will provide an update on Nynas broader sustainability initiatives, with a special focus on its ReSolution platform. This platform serves as a transparent communication channel, showcasing Nynas contributions to sustainability and its dedication to environmentally responsible practices.


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