Nynas stories

Even though Nynas operates in a relatively small niche of the oil industry, you can find traces of what we produce all around you. Not many people know that. In fact, a great many fascinating stories from our business have yet to be told. To help you complete your story, you'll find a variety of resources here, including an image bank, a brief background on Nynas as well as a number of possible storylines.

Half the story

Very little is known about oil refineries, what they do and how they do it. Truth is, very little is known about this remarkable substance we call oil – even by people who work with it daily. This section is designed to provide some insight – and hopefully inspiration – to students, educators and journalists who want to explore the oil business from a variety of perspectives. The stories are of general, technical and environmental interest. Each one includes contact details to Nynas personnel who can provide you with further information. 

Communications contact

 Kristina Näslund

Kristina Näslund

Head of Marketing Communications Naphthenics