HSSE&Q policy

The aim of the Policy is to support Nynas vision and deliver a performance we all can be proud of, so that confidence can be earned of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, authorities, neighbours and society at large.

Nynas wants everyone to return from work at least as safe and sound as they went there, and that the integrity and quality of our operations is maintained. HSSE&Q is our first priority.

We assess the health, safety and environmental impact of our products and practices and do our utmost to minimize it. We provide guidance for safe use of our products.

We comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding security matters in addition to maintaining our own security standard. Breaches of security will be recorded and investigated to identify improvements and to maintain acceptable security performance.

We comply with both applicable regulatory and internal requirements as documented in our management system.

We constantly strive to improve the HSSE&Q performance by minimizing the risk of major and minor accidents, the risk to people’s health and the environment as well as optimizing the efficiency of our activities and use of resources, including energy.

We promote a strong and positive HSSE&Q culture, where the line management are responsible and show visible, demonstrated leadership.

All employees are individually aware and responsible for their working activities and act accordingly to set the HSSE&Q culture we want to achieve.

We operate a fully integrated and certified management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and for our technical and operational sites also meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. In addition, for applicable sites we will meet the demands of STEMFS 2014:2.

Our management system provides a framework for establishing and reviewing HSSE&Q objectives and targets and to continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the management system.

Eric Gosse, President & CEO Nynas AB