A successful partnership

Nynas’ strong partnership with one of Greece’s leading lubricant producers has not only shown the region’s customers the benefits of naphthenics over paraffinic oils, but also resulted in significant environmental gains through energy savings.

Case story

Eldon's S.A.

  • CHALLENGE: Optimising an existing grease production line
  • SOLUTION: Changes to specific production parameters using Nynas’ technical know-how and naphthenic oils
  • RESULT: Energy savings of over 20 percent while retaining an excellent end product


ELDON’S is one of the largest lubricants manufacturers in Greece. Headquartered in Athens, the company has two production sites, in Athens and Argos, as well as three distribution centers, in Athens, Thessaloniki and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. ELDON’S was established in 1975.

"Our partnership with Nynas has spanned over 15 years,” says Georgios I. Dodos, Vice-President of ELDON’S S.A. “During this period we have faced significant challenges trying to introduce naphthenic base oils in a region where paraffinic base oils traditionally have a very strong presence. In the beginning this was no easy task but now the benefits are showing.”

ELDON’S is one of the largest Greek producers of a full range of synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils and greases, as well as special products (emulsions, process oils etc.). Founded 44 years ago, the company now exports its products to Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

“Our growth as a company can be attributed to factors such as customer focus, flexibility, reliability of supply, innovation and a constant upgrading of our products.”

Other key elements are employee participation and development, as well as mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable suppliers who share the same principles.

“Like ELDON’S, Nynas is a customer-focused organization, producing high and stable quality products,” notes Dodos. “Its understanding of the business, alongside its flexibility of approach to manufacturers like us, is a recipe for success.”

ELDON’S products – mineral oils, greases, synthetic fluids – cover a wide range of the lubrication requirements of the energy, industry, transportation, automotive, construction, agriculture and marine segments and are produced according to international standards and specifications for equipment and machinery manufacturers.

“We strive to build relationships with our customers in order to better understand their needs. Using our experience to suggest solutions to issues that will one day turn into problems, is one of our key points to success,” explains Dodos.

“The Nynas team has always been able to provide solutions on both a small and a large scale for optimising our operations, so that we can supply our customers with top-performing products and fulfil their needs.”

Recently, ELDON’S chose Nynas as a partner for the optimisation of one of their grease production lines. The scope of the project was to improve its sustainability rating by conserving resources and cutting down energy requirements.

“Nynas’ technical team supported us throughout the project, and we were able to demonstrate at full production scale that energy savings above 20 percent are obtainable by making certain changes to the production parameters, while at the same time producing a product that has excellent performance parameters any way you look at it!”

If converted to CO2 emissions, the energy savings are equivalent to the emissions of the ELDON’S distribution fleet carrying all the product from this production line across Europe (from Athens to Rotterdam in full truck loads).

This was achieved by taking a production process that has been mostly unchanged for the last 80 years throughout the grease industry and showing that significant improvements are still possible, with benefits not only to the producer and end user, but also to the environment and society as a whole. “At the end of the day it is the mentality of Nynas’ organisation that makes the difference. No matter whether it is a commercial or a technical issue that needs to be resolved, it is done professionally, quickly and efficiently,” concludes Dodos.

“Over the years our organisation has grown significantly, and partnerships like the one we have with Nynas play a vital role in this.”

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