Searching for perfection

An Egyptian innovator on the hunt for the perfect grease specifications has found a recipe for success in NYNAS® T 600.

Case story

HiTech Oils & Grease

  • Challenge: Continued growth in the Middle East grease market.
  • Solution: Switch to NYNAS® T 600 with very high viscosity.
  • Result: End products with outstanding specifications.

HiTech Oils & Grease

Founded in 2009 by Eng. Mostafa Kinany and his lifelong friend Mr Deepak Verma, who was the first person to recycle used oil in the Middle East back in the 1980s. The company’s re-refinery remains the only one of its kind in the Middle East.

HiTech Oils & Grease is an Egyptian Indian joint venture established in 2009 as an operator in the re-refining of used mineral oils. The company’s original re-refinery manufactures group I+ and II+ base oils with a current production capacity at around 1,300 tonnes/month.

Since the start, a unit producing lithium and calcium greases has been added, and in 2017, KINZOIL was launched, focusing on finished lubricants through blending and packaging for the automotive and industrial sectors.

“Currently, we are building two new facilities in Suez; one large blending and packaging plant and an additional re-refinery with an expected production capacity of 4000+ tonnes/month,” says Rami Al Kinanny, HiTech’s General Manager.

The company is also in the process of constructing facilities in West and Central Africa to cater for markets there. Their main customers are local and regional blenders and grease manufacturers in Egypt, as well as in Lebanon, Gaza, Kenya, Tanzania and Djibouti.

Rami Al Kinanny considers a focus on quality and an experienced team to be two main factors behind the company’s success.

“We produce re-refined base oils that surpass virgin oils in several parameters such as flash point, sulfur content, viscosity and viscosity index. Our dedicated team works hard to maintain the highest quality control and assurance.”

Flexibility and adaptability represent another strength without which they could not have reached where they are today.

“I have witnessed two revolutions in Egypt, each with its own kind of chaos. Dealing with an absence of security, currency devaluations, constantly changing import regulations, lifting of energy subsidies, inflation, etc. has been challenging.”

HiTech’s relationship with Nynas started with a purchase of the company’s NYNAS® T 110 base oil for use in lithium grease. When Rami then heard about the launch of NYNAS T 600 with a much higher viscosity, which would be ideal for grease manufacturing, he ordered a sample and went to his lab.

“I tried several batches to reach the ‘ultimate’ formula resulting in the highest yield and accordingly we placed an order. I have also used the NYNAS T 600 in various hydraulic and gear oils after blending it with the oils produced by HiTech. The product is now essential in a number of our formulations.”

The expected shortage of bright stock resulting from various refineries shifting production from group I to groups II and III oil has encouraged Rami to formulate a better alternative using NYNAS T 600.

“After many tweaks and blends with HiTech’s various cuts, we have formulated a product that stands firmly in front of BS-150 and even goes beyond in terms of specifications. It could be used for mono and multi-grade engine oils, as well as almost any automotive lubricants.”

HiTech has visited Nynas’ facility in Sweden, working with Professor Thomas Norrby, Senior Specialist Lubricants at Nynas, and his team. Their joint tests confirmed the outstanding results.

“Having succeeded on the technical side, we will now work together on the financial and logistical aspects to make it cost-efficient for our customers. These results open doors to further collaboration and achievements.”

Whether an issue is related to pricing, logistics or technology, Rami Al Kinanny says that the Nynas team has always been there for them.

“When I requested a visit to the Nynäshamn facility to conduct further testing, it was arranged smoothly and I got much more than I was expecting and asking for. And when I had enquiries about some grease formulation, their assistance and replies were quick. This saves me time, which is priceless,” he notes.

“Working with Nynas is definitely a boost to my business model. We look forward to enhancing this relationship and taking it further.”

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