The industry's top specialists gather in Stuttgart

With its wide product range, Nynas is a leading supplier of specialty oils for the manufacturing of industrial lubricants. We will, of course, be present at this year's edition of the UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress.

Nynas base oils are used in various applications, including lubricants for tractors, machinery, and farm vehicles, as well as in transmissions and hydraulic systems. We also offer specialty oils that keep wind turbines lubricated to ensure they spin friction-free.

Another important application area is metal cutting and metal forming, where our oils contribute to a minimum amount of maintenance due to degradation from excessive heat, wear, and corrosion.

With that background, it is no surprise that Nynas is a participant when the UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress is held in Stuttgart on July 4-5. This year's edition offers a comprehensive program for both specialists in the lubricant and fuel sector and experts from the mechanical engineering and automotive industry. The topics discussed will range from the latest industry trends to practical applications.

In addition to the well-attended conference, a large exhibition is also being organized, where Nynas will present its products and services. The exhibition provides an excellent platform for sharing expertise and offers a great networking opportunity at an international level.

You are warmly welcome to meet Thorsten Wolff, Jan-Peter Laabs, and other Nynas employees at the UNITI event in Stuttgart. They will be happy to provide you with more information about our base oil product range and discuss how Nynas products can offer solutions for your business.

See you at booth 22 on July 4-5!


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