Nynas has combined its polymer modified bitumen knowledge with a renewable material containing biogenic carbon. The result is Nypol RE, a carefully designed and groundbreaking material with all the performance advantages of a polymer modified bitumen – and more – with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

  • Nypol RE products significantly lower the carbon footprint over the pavement’s service life.
  • Formulated to have the same carbon footprint as an unmodified bitumen binder, but with all the performance benefits of a polymer-modified binder.
  • Our extensive research has shown that both the rheological ageing index and chemical ageing index are better than those of products without the biogenic material.

The Nypol RE products are specifically formulated to compensate fully for the addition of the polymer, this includes the footprint of the material itself, the transportation and the actual polymer modification process. And when the products are produced in one of our depots, the formulation also compensates for the transportation of bitumen to the depot. This means that one tonne of Nypol RE has the same carbon footprint as one tonne of unmodified standard paving grade bitumen when loaded at the depot.