The Brains of Nynas: Alistair Meyer

Alistair Meyer is Nynas Regional Sales Director. Essentially, this means that he operates globally, with responsibility for our naphthenics business in the Americas, APAC, Central Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Africa and India. Find out what’s on his mind.

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I am convinced that customer focus is the driving force in any company’s journey to success. In today’s ever-changing corporate landscape, it’s more important than ever to ensure close collaboration with both external and internal stakeholders. Customer service and focus levels differentiate companies and offerings from each other, making them the key to develop and build, to ensure a solid future for both Nynas and our customers and partners.

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Modern technologies, volatile markets and ever-changing customer needs not only require companies to constantly be reacting to these demanding changes, but also requires a proactive approach to product development to retain the position of market leader. Nynas is constantly exploring new applications and technologies, and this will ensure that we continue to grow, along with our partners, well into and beyond the 21st Century.

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In the end, it’s all about customer collaboration and partnerships. Through our dedication, competence and problem-solving ability, we will continue to help our customers in many different industries around the world to meet the challenge of ever-changing demands. We provide customers with the solution – and along the way we help each other and perhaps even the world around us, whilst ensuring safety protocols and the health of our employees.

Alistair Meyer

With a wealth of experience in the industry behind him, Alistair joined Nynas in 2010 in the position of Area General Manager Middle East/Sub Saharan Africa. He now holds the position of Regional Sales Director. Essentially, this means that he operates globally, with responsibility for Nynas’ naphthenics business in Americas, APAC, Central Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Africa and India. In addition to a Bachelor of Commerce from Durban University of Technology, Alistair also has a degree in International Marketing and Sales.

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My area of responsibility covers a large geographical area, and I am exposed to different cultures and mindsets every day. By promoting cross-cultural teamwork and exposure throughout our business, the Global Village is getting smaller and smaller. The benefit of managing a highly diverse team across large parts of the world is that my own and my team’s knowledge and experiences continue to broaden. Teamwork ensures that we are all committed, dedicated and aligned with regard to what we jointly need to achieve as a team.

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I encourage a work-life balance within the team, based on my conviction that a balanced approach to life is crucial to ensure that you stay “sane” in this roller coaster we call life. I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and also enjoy high-adrenaline sports like surfing and jumping on my KTM Dirt Bike or Adventure Bike and, just for a while, escaping reality. When you are on the edge and pushing the limit, the mind focuses on survival and those day-to-day challenges become insignificant.

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