Making sustainable transformers

Leading transformer manufacturer Kyte Powertech has selected NYTRO® BIO 300X as the insulating liquid of choice to insulate and cool its next generation fleet of sustainable and optimised transformers.

Case story

Kyte Powertech

  • CHALLENGE: Insulating a new fleet of sustainable and optimised transformers.
  • SOLUTION: Technical collaboration with Nynas, using its bio-based NYTRO® BIO 300X.
  • RESULT: A more sustainable transformer without compromising on power grid performance.

“We look forward to offering utilities the opportunity to use a greener and more sustainable solution.”

Stephanie Leonard
Chief Executive Officer
Kyte Powertech

Kyte Powertech is a Cavan-based supplier of distribution transformers to international specifications, with its main markets in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Western Europe. With an annual production capacity of 6,500 MVA, or just over 16,000 transformers, the company offers its customers a large and diverse range of high-performance products and services.

Following a fruitful technical collaboration between Nynas and Kyte Powertech, a new fleet of transformers up to 2.5 MVA each is currently being deployed in the Netherlands to be operated by the Dutch energy management group Fudura. Every day, Fudura helps 25,000 customers with their energy performance through consumption insight and energy infrastructure.

The transformers are insulated and cooled by NYTRO® BIO 300X, Nynas’ innovative fluid made from bio-based and renewable raw materials. Used in such large transformers, NYTRO BIO 300X offers utilities a more sustainable solution without compromising on power grid performance, and even allowing optimisation of the units.

“We are thrilled to have taken on this project with Nynas and look forward to offering utilities the opportunity to use a greener and more sustainable solution when partnering with our company. Our Research and Design team, led by Dr Gokhan Kalkan, can be extremely proud of the work they put into this project,” says Stephanie Leonard, Chief Executive Officer Kyte Powertech.

Developed as a sustainable alternative to mineral insulating oil and ester liquids, NYTRO BIO 300X is produced from 100% residual bio-based material, with an exceptionally low carbon footprint.

“In addition, its low viscosity provides enhanced transformer cooling and allows optimisation of the temperature rise and load losses,” notes Carl Wolmarans, Nynas Technical Advisor Electrical Industry.

Although it is bio-based and biodegradable, the hydrocarbon structure of NYTRO BIO 300X provides a similar look and feel for the transformer compared to mineral oils. This allows easier adaption of the liquid for a typical design when compared to ester-based solutions.

“With this project, NYTRO BIO 300X has been used by the highly skilled designers at Kyte Powertech to find a sweet spot between thermal design and lower footprint," says Carl Wolmarans.

“In our quest to find this sweet point where sustainability meets top performance and reliability, we are confident that NYTRO BIO 300X will deliver on its promise,” adds Stephanie Leonard.

The innovation of NYTRO BIO 300X supports transformer operators like Fudura in enabling their equipment to fulfil stringent environmental needs and offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership of the transformer, while also offering environmental safety, as the product is readily biodegradable and non-eco-toxic. This enables Fudura to help their customers move from sustainable thinking to sustainable action.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen by Kyte Powertech and Fudura for this project. For Nynas, this is another contribution to progress sustainable development in the electrical industry and we firmly believe that NYTRO BIO 300X has a very relevant role to play with its combination of renewable raw material base and best-in-class performance," concludes Gaia Franzolin, Marketing Director Nynas Naphthenics.

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