Nynas and Stena Recycling join forces to collect and rerefine end-of-life transformer oils

Nynas and Stena Recycling have entered a strategic partnership, combining Nynas’ world-class refining technology and market-leading circular transformer fluid with Stena's broad collection network and modern recycling services.

Transformer oil producer and rerefiner Nynas is partnering with Stena Recycling, Sweden's leading recycling company, to bring sustainable solutions for the circular economy in the electrical industry. The partnership will leverage Nynas’ world-class refining technology and sustainable product development alongside Stena's expertise in the collection and recycling of transformer oil.

Through a large European network, Stena Recycling collects decommissioned electrical transformers and other utility equipment. In the new partnership, Stena will supply Nynas with used mineral insulating oils from these transformers, which will become feedstock for the company’s circular transformer fluids. 

"In 2022, Nynas successfully launched NYTRO® RR 900X, a high-quality rerefined transformer oil which provides transformer manufacturers and utilities the opportunity to participate in a circular economy," says Simon Day, VP Sales & Marketing at Nynas. "While we rerefine end-of-life transformer oils that are no longer fit for service in their present form, NYTRO RR 900X maintains the highest quality standard for which Nynas’ brands are known." 

Nynas NYTRO RR 900X complies with the highest requirements of the IEC 60296 edition 5 (2020) specification, which mandates that the feedstock of rerefined oils must be sourced 100% from power equipment. The product will soon be offered with ISCC Plus certification.

"NYTRO RR 900X is rerefined with Nynas’ powerful catalytic hydrogenation technology, reusing mineral oils from decommissioned transformers that would otherwise risk being burnt and wasted. Besides contributing to resource saving when replacing virgin oil, NYTRO RR 900X also reduces over 70% of GHG emissions compared to virgin Nynas oil over its lifecycle," notes Marika Rangstedt, Sustainability Manager at Nynas.

The partnership between Nynas and Stena Recycling will support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electrical utilities, and transmission system operators (TSOs) in their transition to sustainable circular solutions.

"With more than 100 collection centres in Northern Europe, covering all types of waste, along with multiple storage locations for transformer oil, Stena Recycling is able to offer complete and flexible collection solutions to the industry," says Jan-Erik Andersson, Head of Hazardous Waste at Stena Recycling.


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