NYTEX 4700 means improved fuel efficiency and smaller carbon footprint

Naphthenic oils are an excellent solution for formulating high-performance tyre compounds. With secure supply and a smaller overall carbon footprint, NYTEX® 4700, offers an attractive alternative to Group I refining aromatic sidestreams such as TDAE and RAE.

NYTEX 4700 shows high performance on wet surfaces and excels in winter conditions. Combined with lower rolling resistance this means reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint while maintaining the same high level of traction and safety.

In 2017, wet traction and rolling resistance field tests on real tyres were carried out by an external laboratory. In these tests, the performance of tyres made with NYTEX 4700 was compared to those compounded with TDAE and RAE as tyre oil. The results confirmed that naphthenic oils can improve rolling resistance and traction without compromising on safety.

Reducing rolling resistance leads to an improvement in a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In the laboratory, the property in the rubber compound that corresponds most strongly with rolling resistance is tan d at 60 °C. However, a more accurate indicator of tyre performance is obtained by direct testing on tyres, where the standard method ECE R117 is used for the assessment of key indicators such as traction and rolling resistance. When subjected to this test, compounds with NYTEX 4700 exhibited 5% lower rolling resistance than those with TDAE, thereby improving fuel economy while maintaining traction performance at the highest level.

As car manufacturers are putting pressure on tyre companies to reduce rolling resistance to meet their own CO2 reduction targets, NYTEX 4700 provides tyre compounders with an excellent tool to enhance this performance. Moreover, compared to the highly viscous RAE, NYTEX 4700 can be stored at much lower temperatures, leading to significant savings in energy consumption and costs. The efficient production processes at Nynas’ refineries also contributes to a smaller overall carbon footprint.

NYTEX 4700 not only guarantees excellent performance and reliable supply during a time when the base oil industry is increasingly moving away from Group I production, but it also meets and exceeds the rigorous standards set by the EU and REACH regulations.


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