Securing supply of tyre oils

In addition to supply pressures following the Covid-19 pandemic, recent geopolitical events, most importantly Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions, have had a substantial impact on trade flows relating to the tyre industry. This presents significant challenges to European tyre makers.

The supply situation for tyre oils originating from Group I refineries, especially residual aromatic extracts (RAE), was unstable even before the war in Ukraine as a result of reduced capacity in recent years. Now, as Russian supplies have disappeared from the European market, this deficit has grown further.

With production in Sweden and complete independence of Russian crude, Nynas offers an excellent alternative in NYTEX® 4700, which is probably the best known naphthenic tyre oil in the global market thanks to exceptional performance and full compatibility with all types of polymers used in tyres.

NYTEX® BIO 6200 is another first-rate replacement option, combining high performance with additional sustainable value.

“The tyre industry is facing supply challenges on multiple fronts. With our NYTEX grades, we can help them to resolve one of their sources of concern,” observes Dr Herbert Fruhmann, Nynas Global Accounts Manager.

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