Nynas BIO products now ISCC Plus certified

Nynas has received ISCC Plus certification for the biobased products NYTRO BIO 300X and NYTEX BIO 6200.

ISCC Plus is a voluntary, globally recognized sustainability certification scheme which allows companies to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their bio-based, bio-circular and circular materials. The certification scheme provides traceability across the value chain. 

“We are pleased to have received this certification for our two bio-based products”, says Simon Day, VP Sales and Marketing at Nynas. “It confirms our commitment to providing our customers products with trustworthy sustainability credentials”.

”Nynas provides a broad portfolio of products with sustainable attributes originating from their quality and technical performance characteristics that translate into contribution to for instance lower energy consumption, improved efficiency, recyclability and HSSE in various industry processes and applications. We have in recent years expanded this offer with the introduction of products with sustainable raw material credentials. Examples are bio-based grades such as the NYTRO® BIO 300 X and NYTEX® BIO 6200, and the circular NYTRO® RR 900X. With these we continue our strive to support Nynas’ and our customers’ developments toward a more sustainable future, concludes Dr. Gaia Franzolin, Marketing Director Naphthenics at Nynas.

“The ISCC Plus certification is gaining ground in many of our customers’ areas. We see for instance that the tire industry has in recent years began introducing the certification to apply a mass-balance approach in formulating of tires using sustainable raw materials” explains Marika Rangstedt, Manager Sustainable Development at Nynas. “The possibility to offer our customers certified raw material on-demand is yet another step in our continuous commitment where we focus on improving our performance and offering in step with growing customer expectations”.


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