Bitumen for paving applications

E20, Gothenburg, Sweden

Traffic on the E20 approaching Gothenburg gets busier the nearer you get to the city and the condition of certain sections of the road has worsened in recent years. The products meeting the demands was Nypol 67 and Nypol 73.

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Base oils

Recipe for success

Intent on constantly upgrading their lubrication products, Carl Bechem India needs top quality base oils and reliable ‘just-in-time’ delivery. Naphthenic oils and Nynas deliver on both fronts.

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Transformer oils

Looking after the grid

Operating 72,000 km of high voltage electricity lines is no small task, and high-quality transformer oils are vital for success.

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Latest updates

  • 24/02/2017 07:25

    Nynas increased its sales volumes in the fourth quarter by 3 per cent compared to previous year. The operating result for the quarter (EBITDA) amounted to SEK 44 million (265) and for the full year to SEK 1009 million (1265). Net income for 2016 was positive with SEK 75 million (346). The key activity in 2016 was the takeover of Harburg Refinery North on January 1, with the distillation unit in operation since August.

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  • 17/02/2017 14:23

    Full-depth refurbishment works on one of Cumbria’s busiest roads – the A66 at Crackenthorpe, west of Appleby, UK. Installation needed to take place within the shortest possible timescale and with minimal disruption to the general public.

  • 08/02/2017 17:01

    When the new loading facility was being planned and built at Harburg, safety was top of the agenda. The facility, which is fully automated, has features including fall and overfill protection, which are in turn built into a database for documentation and control.

  • 11/01/2017 17:44

    On 1 November 2016 Nynas opened a new sales office in the Colombian capital Bogotá.

  • 21/12/2016 14:59

    To keep up with the demands of Formula 1, the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria was resurfaced with Nypol 65.

  • 21/12/2016 10:43

    This year Nynas began producing and delivering bitumen from its newest refinery, which will allow Nynas to maintain high supply reliability and consistency for customers.